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About Us

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Get back to active life!

Core Concept is an Advanced Physiotherapy & Slimming Clinic, headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, India, where the practice also operates its primary (and first) Centre of Excellence and Research Centre for the treatment of various ailments like neuro, cardio, physical illness, age related problems through physiotherapy. We have team of experts to take care of all kinds of physiotherapy requirements, weight loss & slimming objectives.

Having treated thousands of patients through the use of the Centre’s own custom-designed and unique non-surgical medical treatment protocol, Core Concept has achieved excellent results consistently for its patients.

In response to the patient demand, Core concept has expanded its centre across Pune at various locations. We provide cutting edge comprehensive treatment protocol non-surgically for spine diseases, including: Disc Herniation, Bulging Disc, Disc Compression and acute or chronic conditions of the spine, with continued proven excellent results.

Core Concept’s non-surgical, comprehensive medical service uses its own unique medical protocol to provide the best possible outcomes for Core Concepts patients. Comprised of patient-centric multiple diagnostic and treatment steps, Core Concept utilizes cutting-edge technologies and methodologies for the benefit of each patient individually.

Our approach is all about you, your goals and your recovery. We believe in taking the time to understand your condition and design personalised treatment and rehabilitation programs. We want you to recover and return to your normal activities more competent and able than you were before.

Why Choose Us?


To be the front line and the best Physiotherapy centre in Pune and attain excellence with knowledge and skill in all aspects of what we do.


Core concept will provide an exceptional patient care experience that promotes healing and recovery in a compassionate environment.

We deliver superior quality in all that we do
We treat others as they would like to be treated

We treat each other with respect and promote a positive environment where people feel valued. We are honest and open in our relationships and straightforward in our communications.

We are results-oriented and achieve our objectives

We are focused and decisive in achieving our objectives and helping others achieve theirs. We accept responsibility for our decisions and actions. We are accountable for using our time, talents and resources effectively.

We are team players

We work together to achieve company objectives. We do our share of the work on time and with superior quality. We share ideas and information. We give honest feedback and accept constructive criticism. We confront difficulties directly and maintain positive working relationships.