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Knee pain making you feel Old?

Know the cause & save your knees, with the most advanced rehabilitation technology.

  • Is Knee pain stopping you from leading active life?
  • Aching Knees Making you feel old?
  • Are you killing your Knees?
  • Is stair climbing painful for you?
  • Are you diagnosed with Osteoarthritis?
  • Multiple questions troubling you?
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At Core Concept, we have mastered the technique of treating knee pain and giving relief to our patients. Dr. Umesh Falak has profound expertise in the field of physiotherapy and has special interest knee pain and joint injury. One of the differences that you’ll notice with Core Concept treatment is the thorough analysis of WHY you actually have your knee pain, rather than only treating your symptomatic pain. We strongly believe that if you don’t correct why you are vulnerable to knee pain then it is only a matter of time before your knee pain returns.
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