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Geriatric Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of Geriatric Patients is imperative for the patients’ well-being and for society, so that we can thrive socially and economically.

Essential to Geriatric Rehabilitation is communication, specifically improving any sensory impairment, including those related to vision and hearing. The prevention of falls and osteoporosis can improve the patient’s health and longevity. Addressing malnutrition can promote healing and vitalize the patient to participate in a formal Rehabilitation program. Depression is common in the older population if a functional loss of mobility and an inability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) predominates. Cognitive impairment, such as delirium and dementia, can affect the patient’s Rehabilitation goals and outcomes.

Geriatric population is the most neglected population in our society. “Dada Dadi club” concept has been introduced for the first time in India by Mission Health. The active & energetic person of one time becomes lonely & neglected after certain age. The innovative Geriatric Rehab at Mission Health is designed for Dada-Dadi who are 60 & above. They are made to exercise in a group.

The Rehab includes exercises for preventing & treating Knee Pain, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Foot Pain, etc.

Balance Training, Cardiopulmonary Conditioning, Ergonomics, Life Style Modification, Pranayama & Meditation, etc are important components of Geriatrics Rehabilitation.

Proprioceptive Training for prevention of fall and promoting maximum functional independence is the prime component Geriatric Rehabilitation.

“This one hour a day becomes very refreshing & enjoyable for them in addition to providing many health related benefits. It helps them to age gracefully.” Says of Dr. Umesh Falak, the core leadership at Core Concept.

What our patients say...

Mr. Shankar Ghorpade, Satara.
"At 73 (Shankar) and 64 (Damodar) years of age, we are luckily in good health. But with few aches and pains, we both needed extra exercises. After consulting with Dr Umesh Falak, we have been coming to Core Concept twice every week. The rehabilitation process at Core Concept has been excellent and enjoyable."