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Core Concept offers expert and patient focused comprehensive physiotherapy & rehabilitation services for a full range of shoulder disorders.

Most of us undertake our everyday activities without giving a thought to how we use our Shoulders. However, anyone who has experienced Shoulder Pain understands just how vital the joint’s role is to daily living. Shoulder pain and injury is common. Your shoulder is the most mobile of all your joints. Just think about how much it can actually move. The reason for this movement is a very small joint contact zone. This essentially means that your shoulder is quite unstable. That is why your shoulder muscles are so vital to a normally functioning shoulder. We specialize in providing one-to-one expert treatment for all types of Shoulder Conditions, from simple to complex injuries.

The conditions we routinely see include :

  • Impingement Syndrome & Tendonitis.
  • Rotator Cuff Tears.
  • Shoulder Arthritis.
  • Acromioclavicular Joint Disorders.
  • Shoulder Dislocations.
  • Frozen Shoulder / Adhesive Capsulitis.
  • Post Fracture or Post Surgical Shoulder Stiffness.
  • Sports Injuries.
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Treatment Options :

  • To be decided after clinical examination
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